Elsham Hall

At Elsham Hall we saw some ducks and peacocks walking when we was having our dinner. Before we went home we had a delicious white ice cream from the shop. I got to stroke a guinea pig and it was fun.
By Charlotte Topple.

Elsham Hall

On Tuesday we went to Elsham Hall on our school trip. we went to a mudy park where we went in some play houses and climbed on the adventure frame. We saw a donkey near the park, we fed some big fish and saw lots of peacocks walking around.
By Jacob Palmer

We have been learning about Florence Nightingale. She was a nurse that helped soldiers to get better. She cleaned hospitals so that there was no germs.

by Kornelia

Fire Fighters

This week we have been learning about fire fighters. We have been doing  poems about fire fighters. We know that they get changed very quickly. Fire fighters do other things when they are not putting out fires.

By Emily

This term we are learning about different job roles within the local area. We will be looking at builders, bakers, the police and lots more professions.

In maths we are concentrating on addition, subtraction, time, money and shape. We will be solving lots of problems and using our maths to help us answer word questions.

Civets are reading traditional tales at the moment. This week we are reading Goldilocks. In a couple of weeks time the children will be creating their own traditional tales, to share with their friends in the class.

It will not be long now until the children will be completing their phonics screening check. Please support your children, by reading with them at home, completing their spellings with them and helping them to gain a better understand of the different sounds they are learning in school.

PE is on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Please help them remember their kit.

Harveys Week

In Civet we have been learning about where we live. We live in England at the middle. Our town is called Grimsby. We have also looked at Kenya it is a hot country where giraffes, hippos, cheetahs and monkeys live. Today we did some research on some animals mine was a tiger we used the computer and information books.

By Harvey  wells

McKenzies week

In Star room this week we have been learning to follow instructions. On Wednesday we made a jam sandwich. We had to spread the butter and the jam on the bread. At the end we ate them, they were yummy!!!

By Mckenzie Beck